Cemetery plot location: B-08-01

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Classification: Internee
Identification number: DJ 18100
Other names: Yasukichi
AKA (Also Known As): None
Name in kanji: 村上 安吉
Grave location: B-08-01
Date of birth: 1880-12-19
Place of birth: Wakayama-ken, Japan
Private address:

Cavenagh St., Darwin, Northern Territory

Business address:

Cavenagh St., Darwin, Northern Territory

Military rank: Not recorded
Unit regimental number: Not recorded
Date of capture: 1941-12-08
Place of capture: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Reason for internment: Enemy alien
Camp interned: Tatura
Date interned: 1941-12-08
Health condition on arrival: Not recorded
Trade or occupation: Photographer
Length of residence in Australia: 44 years (returned to Japan in 1925 once)
Date of entry: 1897-03-03
Port of disembarkation: Cossack
Ship: Saladin
Personal effects:

Bedding, clothing, and sum of £120.7.3 paid to the receiver of Public Monies.

List of properties owned in Australia as follows:

2 Water tanks (1 round and 1 square), 1 Stove, 8 Chairs, 9 Tables (round and square), 4 Book cases (containing books), 1 Ice Chest, 1 Safe, 1 Wireless, 5 Cameras, 4 Stools, 4 Cupboards, 1 Bed, 5 Platforms, 1 Gramophone, 1 Telephone, 1 Child's bike, 1 Push bike, 9 Cases and 1 Trunk, 2 Wardrobes, 1 Meat safe, 1 Dust bin, 1 Set Children's Encyclopaedia.

In the BACK ROOM: 3 Tables, 3 Charcoal irons, 1 Chair, 1 Box Buffalo Horns, 1 Baby's chair, 1 Enamel jug, 1 Enamel dish, Various tools

On the BACK VERANDAH: 1 Chair wooden, 1 Chair cane, 1 Ice box, 1 Table round, 1 Water container, 1 Tub, 1 Petrol lamp, 1 Dish tin, 1 Dish enamel, 1 Frying pan, 2 Saucepans enamel, 2 Saucepans aluminium, 1 Kettle, 1 Jug, 2 Basins enamel, 1 Broom, 2 Scrubbing brushes

In the BEDROOM: 1 Chest of drawers, 1 Dressing table - Mirror, 1 Sewing machine, 1 Tricycle, 1 Wooden trunk, 4 Suit cases, 1 Shoe cupboard

In the DINING ROOM: 2 Tables, 3 Chairs, 2 Cupboards, 1 Stove, 1 Chest of Drawers, 1 Clock, 1 Electric fan, 1 Tub, 2 Primus

Religion: No religion in Australia
Nationality: Japanese
Marital status: Married with 6 sons, 3 daughters (1 daughter in Japan, 1 son in Sydney)
Next of kin: Yasunosuke MURAKAMI
Address of next of kin: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Relationship to next of kin: Son
Father’s name: Jubey MURAKAMI
Father’s occupation: Not recorded
Mother’s maiden name: Yasu MURAKAMI
Identification: 5'3", 8 stone, brown complexion, grey hair, brown eyes, scar near his right thumb
Movement report:

MURAKAMI was first sent to Adelaide River, and then transferred to Tatura via Liverpool. He was admitted to the Waranga Hospital on 2 June 1944, and returned to the camp on 19 June 1944.

Cause of death: Myocarditis
Date of death: 1944-06-26
Cremation or burial: Burial
Date of burial: 1944-06-27
Place of first burial: Tatura
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