Database searches

Search options

This database offers simple searches and advanced searches.

For a simple search, please enter a keyword or keywords and hit the search button. Any records which include the keyword(s) are displayed.

In advanced searches, it is possible to combine search terms.

    • If you want to search a POW, OKAZOE, from Kochi Prefecture, choose POW as the category, enter OKAZOE as the family name, and enter Kochi as the birth place.
    • If you want to search by ID numbers, please enter the numbers only.
    • If you want to search by places of birth, such as Kochi Prefecture, please enter Kochi in the birth place field and search.
    • Japanese names can be read and transcribed in various ways. If you cannot find a particular name, please try another search with other possible readings.

Total search suggestions

    • If you want to see all the POW graves, choose POW from the categories in the advanced search and hit the search button. All the POW graves are displayed as a list.  The same procedure can be used for internee and airman graves.
    • These lists can be sorted by using sort buttons on the right of search categories.
    • If you want to view all the graves according to their plot location order or by alphabetical order, please hit the search button without selecting any categories in the advanced search. The complete list will be displayed and it can be sorted by plot orders or names.
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