Cemetery plot location: A-03-11

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Classification: POW
Identification number: PWJA 145019
Surname: TAKAESU
Other names: Isamu
Plate name: TAKAESU, ISAMU
AKA (Also Known As): None
Name in kanji: 高江洲 勇
Grave location: A-03-11
Date of birth: 1915-06-25
Place of birth: 56 Shuri-machi, Okinawa-ken, Japan
Private address:

56 Shuri-machi, Okinawa, Japan

Business address:

56 Shuri-machi, Okinawa-ken, Japan

Military rank: 1st Class Petty Officer, Stoker
Unit regimental number: Navy, Kure No. 5 Special Landing Party, Fujikawa Company
Date of capture: 1942-09
Place of capture: Pongani, New Guniea
Reason for internment: Prisoner of war
Camp interned: Cowra
Date interned: 1942-10-16
Health condition on arrival: Not recorded
Trade or occupation: Farmer
Length of residence in Australia: Not recorded
Date of entry: Not recorded
Port of disembarkation: Not recorded
Ship: Not recorded
Personal effects:


Religion: Shinto
Nationality: Japanese
Marital status: Married
Next of kin: Kinue TAKAESU
Address of next of kin: 56 Shuri-machi, Okinawa
Relationship to next of kin: Wife
Father’s name: Miyoji TAKAESU
Father’s occupation: Not recorded
Mother’s maiden name: Kana MIYASATO
Identification: Height 5'3", 140 lbs, sallow tan complexion, black hair, brown eyes
Movement report:

TAKAESU was transferred to Cowra on 9 January 1943. He died in the breakout.

Cause of death: Gun shot wound to neck
Date of death: 1944-08-05
Cremation or burial: Burial
Date of burial: 1944-08-07
Place of first burial: Cowra
Extra information:

TAKAESU’s POW number was recorded as PWJA145018 in the Office of Australian War Graves record, but the correct number was PWJA145019.

In the interrogation report, TAKAESU stated that he did not wish for his next of kin to be notified as she would be ashamed and/or disgraced.

He signed one of the documents as TAKAYASU in the katakana script.

He had a son.


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